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Remote Support Helpdesk

On-demand Remote Support

Support for Both PC and Mac Computers

Secure Remote Support

On-demand remote support solution for customers. Connect to your PC or Mac via the web over a secure session.

Multi Platform Access

We can establish a remote session with a PC or Mac desktop or laptop as long as you have Internet access.

Video/Text Based Chat

Technicians can engage in face-to-face interaction through video chat or communicate via text-based chat.

Easy File Transfers

Technician can exchange files securely to and from customers’ computer. File transfers require consent from customer.

If you have Internet access, we can connect to you.

Web-based remote support solutions for your Home and Business needs.

Our web-based approach does away with the need for any software installations. We can access the customer’s computer screen or connect to the computer from right within the web browser.

What Is Remote Support Helpdesk?

Web-based remote support solution

Our web-based approach does away with the need for any software installations.

Support Simplified

Service allows access to customers’ PC / Mac remotely via the web to deliver timely  and easy access to support services.

Easy Setup

Customers can share their screen or download the application by using our easy to use link or by entering a 9-digit code.

Chat with Technician During Support

Yes, you can chat with the technician during a remote session. You can have a conversation and ask questions while in a support session.

Simple Hourly Pricing for Remote Support

If you need help with email issues, setting up a program, fixing a printer, checking and configuring settings, troubleshooting issues, running diagnostics or resolving problems, SysQuick technicians can easily do that.

If our technicians cannot resolve the issue within 2 hrs, then we suggest scheduling an on-site visit or bring the system in for service.



Pre-paid Remote Support – 4 Hour Block

If you have a single or multiple computers that regularly need remote support, we have a pre-paid remote support plan in blocks of 4 hours that are good for 3 months. This service is discounted and time is deducted in 15-minute increments.